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About Counselling

Support That Makes a Difference


Starting the counselling journey can feel overwhelming, but I will be with you at every stage whilst together we safely explore how to make the changes to help you live the life you desire.

Sometimes how we are feeling is a combination of many different life events: trauma experiences; memories of the past; painful events in the present or worries about the future that are all combining to stopping you from enjoying your life.

Whatever it is that is troubling you , whether you are unable to cope; depressed, anxious and challenged by life's circumstances, counselling can help.


Have you found yourself unable to work, socialise or achieve your goals?

Does it seem like you are not living the life you thought you would?

Do you want to feel more confident; content, safer, in control?

I can help.

Talking in confidence to a professional is the start. 

To be able to find meaning, whilst being supported in a non-judgemental, empathic environment, can help you discover a new, more fulfilled, happier you. 

Counselling can support your journey to a better future.

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